Биткоин price ticker and converter что это в 2019 году

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This extension shows the price of Bitcoin considering mining-profit.com data. Also, it includes Bitcoin-Fiat currencies converter.Bitcoin course is on the jump as any other currency. Price plunge or soaring leap up – this is what we always have to know on time. Thus Mining-Profit has elaborated a convenient tool, which helps to be on the know of the last changes of the bitcoin price.

This extension includes: — Information Icon — displays Bitcoin price in real-time — Bitcoin price chart

— Bitcoin to Fiat instant converter

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Did you know the price of Bitcoin is skyrocketing?

Have you ever wondered what the current price of Bitcoin is? Download Bitcoin Price Ticker to get real-time updates of live Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin Ticker’s Bitcoin price reflects the latest Bitcoin price from the most popular Bitcoin exchange. No more sitting around and wondering what the latest Bitcoin price is, download Bitcoin Price Ticker today and stay up-to-date on the latest Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin Price Ticker is designed for maximum battery efficiency. This means Bitcoin Price Ticker does not constantly drain your battery when getting the latest Bitcoin prices from the popular Bitcoin exchange.

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Are you a Bitcoin miner or trader, but find yourself lacking the compulsive need to check exchange rates like the drug-fuelled daytraders of Wall Street? Fear not – you too can adorn your home or office with a Bitcoin Price Ticker! The post is in Italian but you can read a translated version here.

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It’s a straightforward enough build – an Arduino compatible board with an onboard ESP8266 is hooked up with an HD44780-compatible LCD. It’s then a simple matter of scraping the Bitcoin price from the web and displaying it on the LCD. It’s a combination of all the maker staples, tied together with some off-the-shelf libraries – it’s quick, and it works.

[Ed: Oh boo! The images of the LCD were photoshopped. Please ignore the next paragraph.]

What makes the build extra nice is the use of custom characters on the LCD. The HD44780 is a character based display, and this project appears to use a screen with two lines of sixteen characters each. However, a custom character set has been implemented in the display which uses several “characters” on the screen to create a single number. It’s a great way to make the display more legible from a distance, as the numbers are much larger, and the Bitcoin logo has been faithfully recreated as well. It’s small touches like this that can really set a project apart. We’d love to see this expanded to display other financial market information and finished off in a nice case.

If you’re wondering what you can actually do with Bitcoin, check out the exploits of this robotic darknet shopper. Oh, and Microsoft will take them, too.

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Can it help me find those old HDDs with about 20-30 btc from back when it was so easy to mine and a trip to one of several online bitcoin faucets would dump something like 5btc for your wallet(to generate interest among non-miners), but that total was worth only a few American cents back then. Can it do that?

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Same here … I’ve crash hdd with bitcoin wallet with about 40 btc …

Getting a hard drive resurrected cost about $1000 or so, so it would be worthwhile to get done?

Given the success rate of pulling data off platters that have been scratched by failed heads, probably not.

You could spend $80 on spinrite to try recovering the drive long enough to remove the bit coin wallet. Good luck!

I have that LCD shield and it cannot do those graphics like that. There aren’t even dot positions between the two lines or adjacent characters.

Agree. I am pretty certain that headline photo is faked, it is certainly not the standard HD44780 display which is shown in the article itself.

I’m not going to register to get the code and see if they actually have implemented custom characters for some theoretical display like that shown in the headline photo, but I’m going to guess not.

I’ve never seen an HD44780 display without gaps between the characters blocks, that is not to say one doesn’t exist though.

The standard HD44780 has only 8 custom characters. I don’t see how to create the shown display image with this.

I’ve seen it done here on HaD before, but no idea where to find it.
Basically the creator found some clever bitbanging method of loading more custom characters while drawing the screen.

Indeed, it is a regular 2×16 characters if you look further in the post.
There are however LCDs that are 128×32 in similar format, but I am not sure if really compatible.

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Here is mine with some more market tickers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2GC7SuXTso

using the thingspeak.com http api

You should really read all the blog post and also check the code. The real photo is at the end of the article and shows the plain, old boring HD44780 font. The cover image is a mock-up done with some photo editor. Just look at the Bitcoin symbol: there is no way fir a 7×5 display to show such slanted bars without jiggering. BTW: if you try to download the code you get redirected to a number of scam site pretending to “clean” your mobile phone.
Please, do a little check before posting…

Do you people read befor you write (about something you have not fully understood)? Actually, looking at the pictures should have been enough. Here’s how it actually looks:

No amount of ‘reading the original article’ would help because it is not mentioned that the image has been modified.

I had to zoom the image and see that the pixelization of the text was different to the bitcoin symbol. At first I though it may have been swapped with a 10×2 chr display.

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